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Streamlining procedures for superior accuracy and patient comfort

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3D CBCT Scans

Three demensional scanning in an invaluable tool used to enhance surgical implant planning and diagnosing endodontic, sinus, and hard and soft tissue pathology.

Guided Implant Surgery

Based on the 3D and Intraoral scan, an implant surgical guide allows for optimal implant planning, placement, and restoration.  This leads to an extremely precise implant placement and restoration, and shorter procedure times compared to traditional methods.


Intraoral Scanner

Intraoral scanning eliminates the need for traditional impressions which can be uncomfortable and take minutes to set while in the oral cavity.  This new technology allows for faster, more comfortable and precise imaging. 

Digital Xrays

Our digital X-rays allow for a high definition, low radiation, and immediately processed image.  This translates to quicker, safer and more accurate imaging of your teeth.

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